Convolvulus Shoot with harper

I recently had a shoot with harper from

On arranging it I was both excited about 7 hours or so in rope, but a little apprehensive, thats a long day of shooting! Both harper and his photographer assistant were lovely to work with and I had a great time!

I was tied up a number of different ways, whether restrictive upper body ties, full body ties, suspension or part suspension. Then of course I was challenged to escape! I think I only fully escaped one tie, but got one or two part off… Over all his ties were too well done for me to get out of though.

The suspension was only my third ever, and number 2 had not gone well for me, so harper took it easy on my and proceeded to suspend me on my front horizontally. Me, being me, wore a tartan dress and they dubbed me the flying scotswoman!

Over all a lovely man to work with who has a genuine passion for teaching and sharing bondage 🙂

Dolly Flies!

Dolly Flies!Mmmm hair tie....

Here’s a little bit written from the man himself, harper says,

Convolvulus started in 2004, inspired by an online friendship with a model working for another site. We started doing a few things together, and the ideas began to grow… We added the members’ paysite to the free site <> in 2006, and now I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with many wonderful amateur models as well as some of the best-known international names in the bondage modeling business. The theme of Convolvulus is “Real Bondage For Fun”, and we set out to show enjoyment of rope in a whole range of ways from body art to – well, this is where we like to let your imagination take over! We’ve got to where we are because of our models. Without them, a bondage site would be just a pile of rope. And we’re delighted to welcome Dolly to Convolvulus.”



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